take your notes from the table, after your door is opened go into hallway and enter door on the left, get rolling pin from the second chest in this room to use as a black jack, knock out guard in hallway then open door to outside, go left, avoid guards and enter first open stone room to get some arrows, compass, and spears, continue to another open stone room with guard inside reading a book and another guard next to him, knock them out, do NOT go down floor hatch in this room, you need to continue going around until you reach double doors with wall ladder to the right, enter open guard tower room to the right of this ladder, climb ladder inside to reach the very top guard tower room, knock out guard, frob the wheel on the wall, take the Chimney Key from the table, go back down ladder and use the Chimney Key on padlock to open wall grate that is also to the right of the double doors, enter and drop down into Forge room, get sword, lock picks, and Forge Key from this room, use Forge Key to open door, knock out patrolling guard in the street then go right, open door to Stewards room, pick open door inside, get Stable Vent Key from table inside, go back to street and continue right, open first wooden door on the left to enter stable with horses, go left to man telling you to hurry, use Stable Vent Key to open door next to him, open grate and climb up, go down tunnel and open grate at the end to enter room with spiders and crates, get Seal from toolbox to find Bathory Seal and gain entrance to secret chamber,

frob large crate here to move it away from the door, pick open door to get back to street, go back left, pass the Stewards door and open double metal doors on the right to enter empty stall room, go to far left corner and get Elevator Room Key off the floor inside the hole in the corner, exit this stall room and go right, go down hallway and use Elevator Room Key to open metal door, enter room with sleeping guard, read papyrus next to the sleeping guard to discover the identity of the conspirator in the castle,

get Elevator Key next to this guard, use this key to open elevator door here, climb down wall ladder to reach bottom, climb over large crates and pick open the door behind them, go through and use Seal on the wall plate next to the toolbox, go up steps here to room with octagram and candles, frob each candle on the octagram, go through opened door, step into portal to teleport to the crypt area, go right to small shed, pick open door to enter shed, get Crypt Key from the chair inside, use Crypt Key to open single door on this side of the building, go downstairs and take the Tomb Key that the statue figure is holding, go back up to Elizabeth Bathorys tomb, use Tomb Key on the backside of the tomb to open the Countess Tomb,

exit and go back to teleport octagram, turn left when back inside room with figure, enter another teleport octagram beside the cloaked figure to enter new room with spiders, climb down ladder here to get water arrows, enter tunnel down here, go through tunnel on the right now and go up, turn left and climb ladder, open grate above, go through break in the wall to enter Mehadia Settlement area, go left and knock out patrolling guard, go through open archway to the right and open double wooden doors on the left at the end to enter area in front of the pub where lots of people are, when guard turns around sneak right and open single wooden door to enter new area, go to the gate at the end and read the warning sign on the gate about the entrance only being open during the day to get new objective,

turn around and you can now pick open the door on the left, this door becomes pickable only after reading that note on the gate, enter new area where three men are next to a fire, sneak to the right of them and enter area with sleeping guard, knock him out or sneak past him then open door on the left to some stairs, go upstairs and frob mat in front of the door, get Owners Room Key and use this key to open door, take Safe Key from the purple vase above small fireplace inside, go back downstairs and use the Safe Key to open metal door on the left to enter room with keypad on the wall, enter code 7474 to gain entry to the fortress as a captured thief,

take Workers Wage here to end level