Citadel Of Douro

Go left and pick open door on the left to enter dark stone room with a wooden counter; go behind the counter and pick open door to enter house; get all loot then exit the house; the city watch prison is across from you; take care of guards in the area then open front doors to enter the city watch prison; go upstairs to the second level; in one of the front side upstairs offices look for a hidden coin bag underneath a wooden shelf; loot in this mission can be very tough to find like this; get any other loot you can find from the city watch prison then go back outside to street level; if facing the city watch prison front doors go to the left side of the building; turn left at the end to see the castle; take care of guards around the castle then take care of the two standing guards at the castle front entrance; enter the castle grounds and take care of more guards; enter the castle; you are looking for loot only inside the castle; once you have obtained all loot from the castle rooms, go up stone ramp to the castle roof; get the coin bag from the patrolling guard's belt; now exit the castle and go back to the front of the city watch prison where you started; go through archway near first house you exited earlier to see another house with two doors; pick open one of these doors and enter the house; get all loot then go back outside; turn right and go through another archway; open large metal door to enter Hammerite Cathedral gate area; knock out Hammerite guard then open next door to enter Hammerite Cathedral grounds; go left and take care of the Hammerite guard standing in front of the doors to the Cathedral; enter the Cathedral and knock out the two patrolling Hammerite guards inside; go to the alter at the back; press the small red button on the left side steps to open the red banner behind the alter; now press the small red button on the right side of the steps to open the wall hatch; steal the Hand Of Dreams;


open one of the doors that will lead to several Hammerite Cathedral rooms in a courtyard area; get loot from each room then get into the water of the small fountain in the Cathedral courtyard; get all coins from this fountain; exit the Hammerite Cathedral and go back through the large metal doors to get back to the area with archways; go through archway on the right to face two more archways; go through the archway on the right to enter area with a row of market carts; go past market carts and pick open doors to building at the end to enter a storage room; get loot then go up the stairs on the side of this building to get into the level above the storage room; get more loot then go back down to the street; continue left and you will pass two small bathroom buildings on your left; continue through archway ahead then another archway; pick open door on the right here to enter house with blue wallpaper inside; go upstairs and knock out man and woman; enter last bedroom on the right at the end of the hallway; get on the bed and take the Lord Giacomo painting above the bed to steal the portrait of Lord Giacomo;


exit this house and go back past the two small bathroom buildings and the market carts; go through the archways ahead turning right to reach a new area that looks like a small town; you are looking to complete the loot requirement in this area; here are some places that loot is not very noticeable:


1. Behind counters in most shops will be a locked box with loot

2. Behind window curtains in some rooms, such as in the hotel, there will be hidden coin bags

3. Behind a barrel in the tavern in this area there is a coin bag

4. Coin bag underneath small wooden shelf in one of the front side upstairs offices of the city watch prison (already mentioned)

5. Inside the water fountain in the courtyard of the Hammerite Cathedral (already mentioned)


Once the loot requirement is met the mission will end